Betty Irabor is 60 And More Stylish Than Ever!

Betty Irabor

Editor-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor ( fondly called aunt Betty) is a philanthropist, mentor and champion for breast cancer awareness. Prior to her current roles, she worked as a freelance writer for ThisDay and Vanguard newspapers and served as a contributor for Black & Beauty Magazine UK.

With an impeccable personality that exudes an aura of pureconfidence and a wardrobe to die for, Betty is no doubt a style trailblazer whose footprints have been clearly stamped in the sands of fashion.

Betty Irabor

From countless red carpet appearances,  fashion shows andmovie premiers, Mrs Irabor is always seen looking simple and classy, trendy, fantabulously young, and age appropriate no matter the occasion. It is no wonder that at 60 she still commands a lot of attention and continues to keep us anticipating what she’ll be spotted in next.

Favouring dresses and midi/maxi dresses, her style lookbook is a full of #stylegoals for the mature woman who aims to be ladylike every time she makes appearance.

Take a look…

Betty Irabor


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