How To Tie A Head Wrap: 8 Unexpected Ways

Dress for success with JiJi!

Head wraps can be real lifesavers on a bad hair day or in wet weather. With multiple color choices available you can easily spice up your outfit for any occasion be it a cocktail party, your birthday, or church event.

Take a scarf, find the mirror, and let the experiment start! You can find plenty of headwrapping ideas and styles you can pick on the following pictures while easy video tutorial at the end of the article will show you how to tie these awesome head scarfs around your head and stand out in a crowd spending only a few coins.

how to tie head tie

how to tie head scarf

 how to tie a headscarf

scarf styles

how to tie scarf on head

Go to Page 2 to view more amazing headwraps you will want to try immediately!

Dress for success with JiJi!


head wraps




If you liked any of the head wraps on the pictures, go ahead and watch the video below to have a brand new look this weekend! All you need is a scarf and a drive for mind-blowing beauty!


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