The Cutest Lace Styles For Children

There are so many ways to dress your daughter that you have nearly unlimited opportunities for styling your baby girl.

You can buy children dresses from top designers or dress her in more casual clothes. And lace is just another popular style of children’s clothes.

Nigerian lace dress styles for kids look pretty much the same as the adult versions, which means you can find a dress in every color and silhouette imaginable. Check out the best lace styles for children right now!

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1. Two-tone look

The color blocking technique, which uses two contrasting colors opposite each other, is one of the main fashion trends of the latest years, which is why it’s not surprising that this trend made its way to children’s lace styles.

This year you can create a fashion-forward outfit for your baby daughter with the help of a solid-colored lace dress and an accessory in a different shade.

The most popular color combinations are the opposites of the color spectrum: yellow and purple, red and green, and orange with electric blue.

Lace Styles For Children

2. Lace Aso-Ebi

At every wedding, you’ll see a dozen of female guests rocking their lace Aso-Ebi outfits, and it’s clear that this style is beloved by kids as well. If you’re wondering how to dress your family members for an upcoming wedding, consider a lace Aso-Ebi for your little ones.

Children’s lace Aso-Ebi look very similar to the adult outfits: they are as beautifully designed, precisely sewn, and lavishly decorated as any Aso-Ebi you see on a grown woman. You can complete a lace Aso-Ebi outfit with some pretty accessories: for example, traditional Nigerian beads.

Lace Aso-Ebi kids

3. Family lace look

If you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion the whole family can wear, or you’re planning a photoshoot with your loved ones and want everyone to look their best, consider dressing your baby girl and yourself in similar lace outfits.

Family looks are known to be cute and stylish no matter what you wear, but a family lace look is a great way to express your appreciation for the lace style while also showing off your family’s impeccable look.

It’s also pretty easy to find outfits for your whole family: for example, the guys can wear Ankara clothes in the same color scheme as your lace dresses.

Family lace look


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