How to get smooth skin



It’s not always easy being a lady, with all the makeup and the nicest outfits and the accessories and on top of that the hair removing thing. It is said that a woman’s outfit for the day revolves around her hair removal stages (Well that’s true), I would always make a choice of my outfit as per my waxing schedules. Hair removal seems to be a pain especially when you have sensitive and fragile skin like me, I have faced almost all the cons of hair removal from ingrown hair to redness after waxing to razor burns. Since my delicate skin can’t cope up well with waxing, I prefer to opt for shaving. What I have learnt by far about skin is “Beautiful Skin needs COMMITMENT”, you can’t get silky and smooth skin without care.


The main shaving woes encountered by us are: Ingrown Hair, Razor Burns and Razor Bumps. I know how tacky it feels wearing shorts for outing or a sexy gown for party when you suffer from the above said conditions. Worry not my Lovelies; I have got my hands on this skin care solution called TEND SKIN, which is truly effective in preventing and curing shaving woes and exclusively for ingrown hair.

What: Tend Skin liquid is one of its kind solutions that rescue your hair follicles trapped under the first layer of your skin. It gives you smooth skin by freeing the cocooned hair. This alcohol based solution is designed to protect your skin from unsightly ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and redness from shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.


It is easy to carry since it comes handy in refillable roll on and bottles of 4oz, 8oz and 16oz.(Roll on is my fav though)

How & Why: All that I do to keep ingrown hairs at bay is religiously use Tend Skin Liquid at proper time intervals. Always remember to use Tend Skin Liquid before hair removal and after hair removal, this will ease up the hair removal process. Using it before hair removal; exfoliates my skin, while using it afterwards saves me from immediate after shave redness.

My personal tip: Use it twice a day even when not shaving! This will prevent appearance of ingrown hair.


Where: Don’t be surprised if I say that I use Tend Skin Liquid even on my Bikini line. Well, Yes I do! This magical solution is formulated in such a way that it can be used almost all over the body namely legs, hands, underarms, face (Just be careful with your eyes) and of course bikini line too.

By the way if you are not sure that your skin type and hair type will be catered by Tend Skin Liquid’s magic, then here is what you got to know: Tend Skin Liquid can be used for normal to sensitive skin, Fair to dark complexion and thin to coarse hair. Among all these complexities, there is one simple thing and that is thatTend Skin WORKS! Let me tell you that I have wheatish complexion with highly sensitive skin and thin hair and it works wonders for me.

Don’t go for my words Beauties, try it for yourself and feel the difference. So, here is my take on how to protect skin from shaving woes, do let me know your experience with Tend Skin Liquid

Every beauty deserves smooth and silky skin!