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‘I can’t marry a man who collects salary and a man older than 45’ – Chesan Nze

Nollywood actress, singer and skin care therapist, Chineye Esther Anakulu Nze, simply known as Chesan Nze, from Anambra State is looking like the genuine article that may very well raise the bar in the movie industry.
She attended Apata Memorial High School, then Nnamdi Azikwe University for her banking and finance degree. She’s currently at Zenith College University in Accra, Ghana for her business management Bachelor’s degree.
In this interview with Vanguard she opens up on her journey into entertainment, touching on love, sex and marriage.
Can you share with us the story of your journey into the entertainment world?
It is an interesting journey filled with ups and downs. I started out as a chorister in a church and began singing. I was doing more of gospel music. But my acting started as a child, back when I was in primary two. I started with Nestle Nido’s show, and I won Coca-Cola and Indomine shows by Sound Sultan, with W4.
I would say my heart was more with singing than acting but when people were relating me to Tonto Dikeh, saying I look a lot like her and that I should be into acting because I have the looks, the character and carriage, I knew acting must be my destiny. But the real push came when a friend introduced me to a producer. I must say the industry is full of the good, the bad and the ugly people after you for different reasons.
So, after my friend introduced me to the producer, some months later I got a call to come to Enugu for a shoot. I was so happy because I felt the real journey had started for me. I packed my things and headed out to Enugu, thinking the big moment had finally arrived. After finishing the first scene I asked for the other scenes but I was told that was all they had for me.
It was a waka-pass role, a one-scene role. I never believed I travelled all the way from Lagos to Enugu for a waka-pass role. When I was offered the money I rejected it. Then I knew it would be a long journey. I never knew one of the crew members was watching me. He later told me he admired my courage and passion and he linked me to Tchidi Chikere. When Mr. Chikere saw me, he told me that I have the face and attitude, that, I should use the talent well.
I told him ‘no problem’. I was in Benin when he called me that he had cast me for a job. The job was Moon Maid, and I featured in it alongside Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Mike Ezuruonye, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, Nicole Bana and others.
When I got to the location and the director saw me, he said first of all I have the face of an actress and that I remind him of Tonto Dikeh and Nicki Minaj. From there I started getting different jobs, and different producers started calling me.
Moon Maid was the miracle job that brought me out. I still thank God for Mr Tchidi Chikere; he has really helped me in the movie industry.
Would you say it has been financially lucrative in the last four years for you?
Well, not 100%, let me say 50% . Some jobs don’t pay well while others have been very good. There was a Chichi’s job I did and it paid very well. But I can never forget my first trip to Enugu. I guess they wanted me to feel the stress of becoming an actress. Down the years now I smile because things are really looking up. No doubts the road has been rough but it can only get better.
As at last year I was part of Glo’s Professor Johnbull’s TV series and I have done some TV commercials as well.
Is it true that you can’t make it in the industry without getting laid ?
Like I said earlier, the industry is full of bad and good people. If you are not lucky you meet the bad people first. And if you are lucky you meet the good people who would help you and set you on the easy path. I must say it’s easier for men than women, especially beautiful women, because everyone wants to have a taste of you.
If you are good, your talent will see you through but if you are not, they will only use and dump you. I have the potential and they saw the talent in me, I was accepted, so why would they want to sleep with me when they know I’m good?
Did you come to Nollywood as a virgin?
Well, I didn’t.
So, why wouldn’t you have your fun while getting the jobs?
No. I am a very disciplined person, except I like you and I want to date you. If I don’t like you there is nothing you can do to get me.
Don’t tell us there aren’t men fine enough in Nollywood to win your heart ?
I have not dated anyone in the industry; it’s just like you’re in a firm and you start dating people in the firm, you will lose your respect. When you get laid by one they use that opportunity to pass you around and you become useless in no time.
I think it’s not right to mess around where you work.
What is the competition like in Nollywood among ladies to get roles?
There are too many women in the industry and some of them are so desperate to the extent that they could go extra miles just to take your own role from you.
Another problem comes from people who are older in the industry, they don’t want the younger ones to take over. Most times, they get on your nerves to discourage you and make you quit.
If there is love in the industry so many youths will be coming out; that is why most movies you see, you see more of the older faces in the industry instead of the younger ones.
Can you tell us how far you’ve gone in your music career?
So far, I have released just one single, titled ‘Body Therapy’ featuring Ronkay and DJ Joenel, produced by Lirrupy and mixed and mastered by Brain on the Mix.
The video is not out yet but the audio is online, it was released in 2015.
How has acting influenced your romantic relationships?
My last relationship died because the guy I dated then had issues with my acting. He’s a jealous guy, he said I was always surrounded mostly by men and he didn’t like it.
What does it take to win your heart?
The guy must be educated, God-fearing, cute enough to give me good-looking kids. He must also be rich, hardworking and independent. When I say independent, I mean he must be a boss man, a boss of himself, not one who works under anybody.
I can’t marry a man who collects salary. I’m a boss lady, so, I must marry a boss man too.
What has been your worst experience on set?
The truth about it is, you will be humiliated by those who have been there before you. They have to make you feel we have been there before you, you have to respect us and be loyal to us.
I think it’s a tradition in Nollywood, as an actor, you must respect those who have been there before you.
Can you date a man much older than you?
If there is love I can, and the limit age I can date is 45years.
From your experience of dating Nigerian men, how romantic are they?
They are not really romantic, only few are.
Who is the best kisser you have kissed on set?
I have kissed four actors both in Ghana and Nigeria and when doing them there are no emotions. So, I don’t know who is the best kisser.
How strong is sex for you in a relationship?
Sex in a relationship for me is 80% important, because when the sex is a little bit boring the relationship starts falling apart,while the remaining 20% is about character and communication. But no matter how good a guy is in bed, if he treats me badly, I will walk away.

​Top Hollywood producer fired after S*x harassment claims

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was fired from his film studio The Weinstein Company on Sunday following reports that he sexually harassed women over several decades.

“In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company… have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,” the company’s board said in a statement quoted by US media.

The firing came after The New York Times published a bombshell report earlier this week that alleged Weinstein, whose company produced such hits as “The King’s Speech” and “The Artist,” preyed on young women hoping to break into the film industry.

The accusers — reportedly including celebrities such as Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd — say Weinstein promised to help advance their careers in exchange for s*xual favors, pressuring them to massage him and watch him unclad.

Republicans have pounced on the scandal because Weinstein has been a major backer of Democratic candidates. Many Democratic lawmakers have since vowed to give their contributions from Weinstein to charity.

President Donald Trump, who said he had known Weinstein for a “very long time,” said he was “not at all surprised” by the revelations.

Trump faced his own s*x scandal last year when video emerged of him using lewd language to describe groping women.

– Hollywood powerhouse fades –

Many in the entertainment industry have spoken out in the wake of the allegations, expressing support for the alleged victims.

“The women who chose to speak about their experience of harassment by Harvey Weinstein deserve our awe,” actress and self-proclaimed feminist Lena Dunham said. “It’s not fun or easy, it’s brave.”

Five of the company’s nine all-male board members have resigned over the scandal. The remaining members are Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar.

It was not immediately clear what would happen to the share Weinstein owns in the company.

In a statement, Weinstein — a staunch Democratic campaign fundraiser who backed Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid — said he respected all women and was hoping for a second chance while acknowledging he had “work to do to earn it.”

His lawyer Charles Harder, hired to prepare a lawsuit against the Times, said the newspaper’s report “relies on mostly hearsay accounts and a faulty report, apparently stolen from an employee personnel file, which has been debunked by nine different eyewitnesses.”

He promised to donate any proceeds from the lawsuit to women’s organizations.

A father-of-two married to British fashion designer Georgina Chapman, Weinstein is considered a powerhouse in Hollywood and many of his movies have picked up Oscars over the years, including “Good Will Hunting” and “The Artist.”

He formed the Miramax production house in the late 1970s with his brother and then sold it to Disney. The pair went on to create the highly successful Weinstein Company.

source: Punch

Army Reveals What they Recovered from Nnamdi Kanu’s Home after Raiding Yesterday

The Nigerian Army has confirmed that it raided the home of Nnamdi Kanu Yesterday, Sunday in Abia state, The Python Dance in Abia State, while confirming said:

“We were there in search of weapons, no household items were removed from Kanu’s home.

“The things removed, may be technical items, somebody was also arrested with a weapon in the compound”, he said.

Emmanuel Kanu, younger brother of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has alleged that the soldiers carted away some household items.

He said the items include television, generating sets, clothes among other belongings of the family.

“The international community should prevail on the Nigeria Army to stop raiding our home again. We have been telling the Army to produce my bother whose whereabouts has remained unknown since after the September 14 military invasion of our compound,” Emmanuel said.

Source – Ebiwalismoment

​Lagos court dissolves marriage after man discovered through DNA that he is not the father of his only child

An Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos State has dissolved a six-year-old marriage between a herbalist, Fakoya Amos and his photographer wife, Bukola.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN), Amos, 40, had sought dissolution of their marriage over alleged infidelity, troublemaking and child paternity against Bukola.

Dissolving the marriage, the court president, Mrs Funmi Adeola, ordered the couple to maintain peace.

She also ordered Bukola to stop bearing the man’s name and return her child to the owner, after a DNA test revealed the true father.

The court president said “since it has been confirmed that the child does not belong to the petitioner, you are hereby ordered to stop parading yourself as his wife.

“The child must be properly taken care of and be taken to his biological father.”

Adeola had, during the hearing, ruled that a DNA test be performed to confirm the paternity of the child.

The herbalist, who resides at UNILAG Estate in Ikorodu, Lagos State, had in February, urged the court to dissolve the marriage, saying he suspected his wife was flirting.

He also said he suspected the only child of the union was not his.

The respondent, Bukola, 30, denied the allegations but admitted that she had an affair with another man, which resulted in pregnancy.

The respondent, who also accused her husband of battery, had earlier begged for reconciliation…

​‘I have not gotten one sex from bangdadadang’s popularity’ -Speed Darlington

Nigerian ‘Superstar’ singer, Speed Darlington has taken to Instagram to lament about not getting at least ‘one sex’ off his bangdadadang’s popularity.

According to him he thought popularity comes with ‘asses being thrown at him’, as he lamented why it is always different in his own case. He however disclosed that he’s been getting some in his inbox, but they are 5000 miles away and ‘his thing ain’t that long to go such distance because he’s barely 9 inches’.

Here’s his video below;

​Somizi calls out Bonang Matheba for reportedly lying about abusive ex-Boyfriend in her book

Toke Makinwa’s BFF and AKA’s girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, has been accused of lying about the violent abuse she claimed she suffered in 2012 from her ex-boyfriend, Euphonik in her new book Bonang From A to B.

In her book, Bonang said she stopped being friends with Somizi an Idols Judge, after he became friends Euphonik even after witnessing the violence towards.

bonang and somizi

She wrote in her book;

“In The End, It Was One Of The Reasons I Stopped Being Friends With One Of My Closest Friends, Somizi Mhlongo, Although Not Immediately…It Took Me A While To Eventually Leave That Relationship, And Years After I Had, Somizi, Who Was My Friend, Suddenly Became Friends With My Ex[Euphonik]. The Same One Whose Violence Towards Me He Had Witnessed. That’s When I Knew He Had To Go. I Couldn’t Trust Him Anymore So I Cut Him Out Of My Life.”

bonang and somizi

However in an interview at Metro FM, Somizi told a caller;

“ Euphonik and I never spoke until after a year of our break up. I’ve never witnessed Euphonik abusing her.”

“I was obsessed with her [Bonang], I was so loyal that I would even fight her battles even if it has nothing to do with me. To this day I would still want to know. If she respected our friendship, she would have confronted me, she never confronted me about anything. I would have done it.”

Bonang is however yet to respond to this.

​Photos & videos from actress Laide Bakare’s 37th birthday party and US citizenship celebrationcelebration

Here are first photos from 37th birthday party and US citizenship celebration of award winning Nigerian filmmaker and actress, Laide Bakare in the UK over the weekend.

The beautiful mother of two who recently became a US citizen used the opportunity to celebrate her citizenship.

Here are photos from the event that had friends and family over;

​Actress Juliet Okeke shares photo of her brother who survived explosion at gas station in Ghana

Nollywood actress, Juliet Okeke, has shared a collage of his brother who survived the explosion at a gas station in Ghana , recuperating in the hospital.

The tanker explosion at a gas station reportedly killed 6 people leaving 35 others injured in explosions at Atomic Junction, near Legon, Accra, Ghana on Saturday night.

National Fire Service spokesman Billy Anaglatey, who confirmed the incident on Sunday, said:

“As we speak, six people are dead due to this fire,” he said, adding that 35 were injured by the Saturday night explosions. Four of the 35 are in critical condition at the intensive care unit of the 37 Military Hospital.

The cause of the explosions is being investigated, said Anaglatey. On Sunday morning, burned steel frames show where the two gas stations were razed by the explosions.

“Some people said there were flames in the skies, l looked and saw the flames and was convinced something terrible had happened,” said James Appiah, a resident of North Legon.

Juliet wrote;

“Where and how do I start from, I read about the Ghana gas station explosion online and aljazeera not knowing that my younger brother (expensive) Uchenna Godwin was battling his life in it…. Lord it’s with tears of Joy that I say thank you my Brother is a Survivor

How can I thank God enough for my younger brothers life while I read the news online I didn’t know He was battling his life in the Accra Ghana gas explosion

Only when you wear the shoe then alone will you know how it feels for a loved one to be in pain… Saw a lot of news about the gas explosion in Ghana yesterday,went on to aljazeera news and am like thank God… Only to be called this evening from Accra military hospital that my younger brother battled his life in the outbreak… My heart fell straight into my stomach… With tears of Joy am grateful to God Almighty.. Expensive Uchenna Godwin you are a covenant Child”

How can I thank God enough for my younger brothers life while I read the news online I didn’t know He was battling his life in the Accra Ghana gas explosion #tearsofjoy #childofgrace #uchenna #expensive

​Fans confused as Toke Makinwa refuses to accept or deny dating 70-yr-old Dr Fadeyi

As news that she allegedly dated a 70-yr-old Dr Fadeyi rocks the net , Toke Makinwa has stated that she won’t be reacting to it – She says she can’t battle the world for honey, get it and then wanna lose it.

The OAP and award-winning author wrote via her IG page that she wont be addressing the now viral issue! Her fans are confused as they want her to come clean and clear her name;

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